Top 5 safety tips to ensure your BBQ goes swimmingly

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Top 5 safety tips to ensure your BBQ goes swimmingly

There is a lot to consider when arranging a BBQ bash. From picking a theme and venue to making all the jam jar cocktails and nibbles, as well as creating the right atmosphere for your guests. There’s a fair bit of pressure to contend with. Here are a few safety tips to help the party stay fun and drama free whatever the weather.

Avoid cross contamination

Make sure you prepare all your food on separate chopping boards. Cutting meat and vegetables all on one board, increases the possibility of food-poisoning. It is definitely worth being mindful about hygiene to protect the health of your guests. Raw meat, fish and egg need different utensils and plates from the cooked food. Have spare plates, boards and cutlery on-hand so you have spares available and it deters people from using the same utensils for different foods if they’re helping you prepare. 

Equip yourself with the right tools 

It is important to have all the gear when you’re hosting a barbecue. This means you should have the BBQ, the cooking utensils and all the cutlery. When you’re working near burning hot coals, you need the correct BBQ equipment to help ensure you don’t get burned and food is cooked thoroughly. Make sure the fire is safe and on a flat surface away from trees and grass. Never leave your barbie unattended and have the ice bucket on stand by just incase. 

Consider the crowd

 Be aware of who is attending the BBQ. Are there any vegans, vegetarians or allergies to consider? Again it's always important to make sure you have enough dishes to separate these and have them clearly labelled to avoid confusion at a busy time. If any children are attending, it’s beneficial to find out if there are any foods they prefer. Kids can have a habit of being fussy with food so if you find out beforehand you can make sure there are foods they like available. 

Dress to impress but don’t add to the stress 

If you are the chef for the evening and behind the BBQ, make sure you’re not wearing anything that could catch alight or cause injury. Make sure to tie your hair back, consider wearing an apron, safety shoes are always a good idea even if it’s just whilst cooking; heels and flip flops could be a bad idea. Remember, when you’re standing next to the BBQ, your clothes will smell of smoke by the end so it’s best to avoid wearing any of your favourite outfits. 


Make sure you wash your hands before handling any food and tie your hair back. Clean up after yourself by removing dirty plates and wash down any areas you’ve used to prepare food. It’s best for you to prepare all your food indoors and then bring it outside when it’s time to go on the BBQ. That way you can shield any uncooked food away from flies or other insects. 

Try to remember to keep calm and have fun. When you’re the chef, it can get very stressful and it’s understandable you want everyone to have a good time. But if you start getting too hot under pressure, it will negatively affect your guests. If some of your guests are drinking, make sure they keep away from the BBQ and clear away any potential trip hazards. 

The last thing most people forget when it comes to a BBQ is fuel. So although not necessarily a safety tip, it’s still an important tip nonetheless. I can't tell you how many times I’ve been to a BBQ and the host has forgotten to buy a gas cannister or presumed the one in the garage from last year is full. Always check before the day of the BBQ. Speaking from experience, it happens to the best of us! 

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