Frequently Asked Questions

What if my guest count increases or decreases days before my event?

After you give us your final guest count, 10 days before your event, you can add to the guest count by contacting us but you cannot decrease the number at this point.

What is the estimated cooking time for a Spit Roast / BBQ?

A Whole Hog (up to 55kg) slow roasts to perfection in about 5-6 hours whilst a Whole Lamb (up to 20kg) would go for about 2-3 hours on gas and 4-5 hours on Wood Fire. Our BBQ Style Menus requires roughly 4 hours from lighting the fire to serving.

How is the food served?

As standard our menus is served Buffet Style where guests will help themselves to salads and side, and chefs assists with the serving of the meaty goodness. There is also the option to serve Table Top / Family Style, which has become a very popular way of serving especially at Grand...
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Do you bring tables to serve the food on?

Yes we bring along 1 x wooden trestle table (6 foot) per 50 guests for serving, topped with one of our lovely hessian table cloths.

Do you have any provisions for wet weather?

Yes, we will bring our own 3 x 3 meter black commercial gazebo to cover ourselves against any unwanted weather...for larger functions (100+) we will bring our larger 6 x 3 meter gazebo

Do you need access to power (electrical) ?

YES. If you can please provide us with an electrical power point. Just the basic household type are fine (220V). Please ask about yopur specific events requirements as the amount of electricity will depend on your menu. We will bring a extension lead so as long as the point is in range (10...
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How does the pricing work for children?

Children younger than 10yrs eats for half the price.

When would you need final numbers and menu choice by?

If you can supply us with the Final Details no less than 10 days prior to your function please. We will however also send you a "Final Confirmation" e-mail confirming all details (as per previous discussions with the Client) round about the same time. There would still be some time to make...
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Will you need a map / directions to our venue?

We have GPS systems so usually a valid post code and street name + number is sufficient. If however you know by experience the address is hard to find please be so kind as to send through some directions.

If we should decide on hiring the crockery and cutlery from you would your staff be clearing this away?

Although Nyama Chefs will clear plates it would be a good idea to also have additional staff members available to assist with clearing. Especially if numbers 100+. If you are supplying your own plates you would just need to make sure you have the staff to clear them as well. 

Do you cook your meat from raw on site?

Yes, it will be a big health risk to do it any other way.

How much space does your set up need?

We would require at least 3 x 3 meters, the size of our gazebo. If numbers are exceeding 100ppl we would require 6 x 3 meters...and for numbers of 1000+ it would be best to come out and do a Site Visit.

Do you do Site Visits?

As a rule of thumb we don't (for numbers less than 1000), simply because our set up is so straightforward and there's really no need (Plus we are usually a bit pushed for time, especially during the summer season)! So as long as we have a 3 x 3 meter space and good access through to where we need...
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What about vegetarians, do you cater for them?

Indeed we do! If you choose one of our buffet menus we will provide a veggie alternative to all the meaty dishes, at no extra charge.

Would it be possible to taste your cuisine before placing an order?

YES! Since we've had numerous requests for tasters we have decided to set up our (now legendary) TASTER DAYS @ Nyama. This is giving potential Customers a chance to meet the team and have a taste of Nyama. We even have the Mobile Bar going on the day as well! Our Taster Days are hosted in the...
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What about leftovers?

Please make sure to have some extra dishes / bowls at hand for there's very likely to be some leftovers which would make for a festive breakfast the next day!

How does payment work?

We require a 25% deposit in order to firm up a booking. This can be paid via a Debit / Credit Card or through transferring the money straight into our bank account. As soon as we receive your booking form we will reply with the details on how to make payment. The balance payment can be done...
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How many staff do you provide per function?

This depends very much on numbers, menu, etc. We will make sure that you have enough staff to ensure a smooth running of events on the day. 

Could you provide table linen?

We've got some very fancy table cloths (Hessian) which is used for the Buffet Serving Tables, however we do not supply Linen for guest tables. We do know a few companies that does, so just ask and we'll put you in touch.

What is the minimum numbers you cater for?

Most of our Menu's with "per head pricing" are based on a minimum of 50 guests.

How long will you serve for?

This again very much depends on numbers, menu etc. But we will serve until everyone has had 1sts, 2nds, 3rds and even 4rths! On average this takes about 1 hour.

What are the diameters of your bbq machinery, just to make sure we have good access?

We have a large variety of machinery to fit through all the strange venues we've been to! We do however ask that if access is less than 80cm wide you let us know so that we can be sure to bring our collapsible bbq units.

How far do you travel?

We are based close to Wallingford, Oxfordshire (OX106AS), however, we've been as far as Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cornwall, Devon, Wales, Kent, Suffolk. So we have no problem traveling a bit to provide you with the best outside catering experience England has to offer! The exact cost of...
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