This is Our Story

The Nyama  Story

Back in 2002, in the University Town of Stellenbosch, South Africa, Nyama Catering started as an idea amongst 2 young enthusiastic students, and good friends: Johannes Burger and George Zaayman. Being virtually driven from their own country due to a lack of jobs and opportunities, they decided that if they must venture abroad they may as well take a little piece of their beloved country with them, to share, with those longing for it, and those that have never experienced it.

Yes, a BBQ (or a “Braai” as we like to call it!) might sound like just a simple cooking method to some, but those who know it, and who will come to know it, will realise it is much more than just food cooked over flames. It is indeed a complete culinary cultural event, a social gathering, something that brings different people together.

It is with this understanding that Nyama evolved into so much more than just another South African “Braai” Caterer. Through traveling the world they found that regions across the world, all feature very unique ways cooking over flames. Ways that become so ingrained as part of a culture that it starts to define it!

It has therefore become our passion to share these authentic World BBQ styles and at the same time “cultural experiences” with our clients here in the UK.

In the last decade we’ve become the experts in anything cooked over flames: Argentine Asado, Portuguese Churrasco, Italian Wood Fired Pizzas, Thai Sticky BBQ, Mexican Tacos, Indian Tandoor, South African Braai, English Lamb & Hog Roasts, American Bar-B-Ques etc. etc.

In 2012 the team were joined by Werner Pretorius, vastly experienced in the F&B industry, he decided to join our exciting venture, through the love he has for great BBQ cuisine. Under him he quickly built up a “next level” Chef & Kitchen Team, which has really become our pride and joy. During this time we also started up our Mobile Bar venture in order to offer our clients a more inclusive service.

This is our Story! You are welcome to become a part of it through having us at your next event, be it a Corporate Function, Private Party or your Wedding Day.