Legal Compliance

At Nyama Catering, we are very serious about Health and safety and its legalities. There are so many risks when it comes to the catering industry that it is essential to ensure all the correct procedures, processes, and policies are in place to provide a service that is not only law-abiding but also provides peace of mind:

Nyama is run from a proper commercial kitchen designed to ensure we comply with all the legal requirements for a food preparation area.

Nyama staff is well-trained in Food Hygiene Standards. They are also very much aware of all the Health and safety risks at work and when out working at a function.

Nyama has numerous food safety management procedures and regularly checks to ensure they work.

Nyama has a proper refuse collection in place.

At times, we make use of gas appliances for which we have the necessary safety certification in place

As part of managing the health and safety of our business, we understand that we must understand and control the risks in our workplace. To do this, we have thought about what might cause harm to people and documented it in this risk assessment, and attempted to take reasonable steps to prevent that harm.

The procedure for setting up and shutting down our mobile kitchen can be found in the method statement here

Nyama has carried out a Food Safety Risk Assessment that is updated frequently to ensure relevance.

Due to the nature of our business (setting fire to stuff), we also have a Fire Safety Risk Assessment in place.

Nyama is fully insured through Employers, Public and Product Liability insurance.

Annual electrical testing PAT is done on all of our electrical appliances. Certificate here.

Nyama Catering is a member of the Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS).

Nyama Catering was awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (Very Good) by the South Oxfordshire District Council on 30th March 2023.

The following documents concern the newly instated GDPR laws: ICO Registration Certificate, Confidentiality PolicyData protectionData protection privacy notice - employees, and Data security policy