Vital Wedding Catering Info







Serving Style
Our Wedding Menu includes a selection of fun BBQ Nibbles / Canapés which will be served by Nyama Staff Members (extra charges may apply). The Main Course will be served either Buffet Style (with guests coming up table by table to ensure very little queuing) or Table Top Style (straight to the tables for guests to help themselves Family Style). 

Taster Days
Our Taster Days has proved to be a great success and gives potential customers a chance to have a taste of Nyama and also meet the team. Please browse our Taster Day Page for more info and to book your spot.

We will arrive roughly 6 hours prior to serving time. All timings & logistics will be confirmed 10 days prior to the big day.

Veggies / Alternatives / Allergies 
We are happy to supply alternatives for Vegetarians, the choice of alternatives will be determined by your menu choice. Most Allergies can also be catered for so please make us aware of any.

We have some great Dessert Options available. Be sure to browse them here. 

Evening Food Options
We have a great selection of Evening food, at very reasonable prices. You can view the choice on our brochure here. 

Coffee and Tea
If its after dinner coffee / tea you want. We can also supply this at £2.50 (excl VAT) per guest. Includes Cups, Saucers etc. 

Mobile Bar
Our Mobile Bar is the perfect option if you're looking to "get-it-all-from-one-supplier". We have some pretty sweet deals on the bar. You can browse them here.

Please advise us if access through to the set up area is less than 80cm. We will then arrange for the suitable equipment to ensure there's no access issues on the day.

Heavy Equipment
At Nyama we use large impressive BBQ Equipment, which is quite heavy, so please let us know if the distance between where we can park our van and where we need to set up exceeds 100 meters.

We require free parking for at least one Transit style van. If this is an issue at your venue please let us know.

We have our own Commercial Gazebo providing cover for outside cooking

Marquee Catering Tent
Although we wouldn't insist on one it really is very helpful for "hiding" bits & bobs. Also great for out of sight prep-work.

When providing a Spit Roast | Ice Cream Bar | Coffee & Tea | Mobile Bar | Pizza Oven as part of your order we will require access to Electricity. We will have our own extension lead so as long as we can be within 10 meters of a normal household electric point it will be perfect. Please ask about exact requirements. 

Please be aware that there might be minor spillages when providing a BBQ as part of your menu. We work with Charcoal & Fatty-Meaty goodness so prefer to be stationed on surfaces that are spillage friendly (grass etc). So if we are to be stationed on the newly renovated patio please make us aware of this and we can make sure to bring some floor cover.

Waste Removal
Nyama will remove all Nyama-related-waste on the day, if you have some of your own waste that needs removing from the venue please let us know in advance.

When service is during night-time the client are expected to provide sufficient lighting for the outdoor cooking / serving station. Please advise if this will be an issue.

Staff Catering
Do bear in mind that other event staff will also need feeding. Photographers, Barmen, Waiters, Band members etc. Please remember to include them in your final numbers.