The Rise of the Veggie Barbecue

Posted in The "Anything BBQ" Blog

BBQ season is in full swing, which means vegans and vegetarians everywhere are at the mercy of their meat-eating friend's 'plant-based' menu of halloumi and grilled aubergines. But hang on, this is 2022 and with the rise of meat-free alternatives, there's no longer an excuse for a BBQ party not to include some mouth-watering and diverse dishes

Recently, the Vegan Society reported that a whopping 1.2 million people in the UK have decided to ditch meat in favour of a plant-based diet, and that number doesn't seem to be slowing. Due in part to a growing concern over environmental and health issues, it's no wonder then that vegetables are starting to play a starring role at BBQs across the country. 

From hot & spicy sweet potato parcels to grilled sriracha cauliflower steaks and veggie skewers in chimichurri sauce, today's meatless mains and side dishes have levelled up in taste and technique, meaning that even the most carnivorous BBQ goers can't resist filling up their plates. 

And it's not just veggies taking up valuable space on the grill. Peaches, pineapples and other char-grilled fruit essentially bring a whole new layer of flavour to your BBQ with their delicious caramelisation. 

So, as the veggie barbecue continues to see a rise in popularity, make sure your next summer BBQ caters to all your guests, from side to main and dessert.