Street food trends 2018

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Street food trends 2018

Street food is in the ascendancy – that’s something pretty much every leading food critic can agree on. It’s due in part to the overall growth in the food industry, especially where quality food is concerned. As more and more people become familiar with gourmet cooking and expand the range of dishes they’re willing to try, there’s increasing demand for innovative street food experiences like those provided by our team at Nyama Catering. But what can we expect of the changing market this year?

Informality is hot

The biggest change that experts expect to see in 2018 is an increasingly informal approach to dining. Street food experiences fit right into this and it’s the reason why they’re beginning to expand into what were once exclusively reserved settings. This means that casual cuisine can increasingly be found at weddings, anniversaries, celebrations and business events. People who appreciate quality now realise that they can enjoy impressive, exquisite food at the same time as having the freedom to move around in a modern, laidback scene.

Looks aren’t everything

Where quality is concerned, there’s an increasing focus on flavour over appearance. Now that people are getting familiar with the concept of street food, vendors feel less need to dress it up. Instead of concentrating on fancy cuts and glamorous garnishes, they’re making it all about using the best ingredients – as fresh as possible.

Vegan and vegetarian

The first wave of street food in the UK was heavily focused on meat, but this year you can expect to see more and more vegan options, with allergy sufferers also better catered to. Habitual carnivores will find that these are just as delicious as the treats they’re used to, so why not mix it up?

Origin stories

Finally, this year you’ll find that a lot more street food dishes come with stories attached. Consumers are demanding to know more about what they’re eating, and they’re keen to try new things, so vendors are presenting local favourites from around the world with lots of information about why they shouldn’t be missed.

Look out for these delectable developments in the street food scene in 2018 and keep up-to-date with Nyama Catering.