BBQ Turkey like a Boss

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BBQ Turkey like a Boss

Take the stress out of Christmas Catering with this dead-easy 6-step barbecue whole turkey recipe.

Barbecued turkey is succulent, full of flavour and has a beautifully golden, crispy skin.

Say goodbye to oven roasted turkey forever!  

What you'll need:

Kettle Barbecue

Briquettes (NOT Lumpwood)

Meat Thermometer (an always essential bit of BBQ kit)

Whole Turkey (10 - 12lbs is usually a safe bet for about 8 - 10 guests and will easily fit most decent size Kettle BBQ's)

Bunch of Thyme

Bunch of Rosemary

2 Lemons

200g Butter

800g of Salt (for brining)


Step 1 - Brine the Turkey on Christmas Eve

In 10 litres of water mixed with 800g of salt overnight.

Step 2 - Desalinated

For an hour in fresh water, change the water every 15 minutes.

Step 3 - Truss the bird

This helps with retaining some moisture.

Step 4 - Stuff & Baste

We stuffed our Turkey with some lemon, rosemary & thyme but you can stuff it with whatever you fancy. It is vital to rub the outer skin down generously with butter though.

Step 5 - Set Up your BBQ

Set up your Charcoal Kettle BBQ for Indirect Grilling (the bird sits on the grill with the coals underneath off to the sides). Fill a disposable aluminium tray with water which will double up as a drip pan and place this between the coals. The coals will be ready when they've developed a thin surface covering of white ash. You will probably need to add a bit more coals after an hour or two so keep a chimney starter filled with coals handy. Open your BBQ vents to about three quarters, this ensure air circulating and even cooking. 

Step 6 - Get it on there

Place it central, over the drip pan and directly on the grate, then close the lid. Allow 20 minutes cooking time for every pound of turkey. Remove from the bbq when its internal temperature reaches 65 degrees C at the thickest point. Allow the turkey to rest in its juices for up to an hour.

And that's how you BBQ Turkey like a boss!