Cost-effective ways of catering for large numbers

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Cost-effective ways of catering for large numbers

There are many events where catering has to be provided for a large number of people. Weddings, christenings and landmark birthday parties are just three that spring to mind. If your budget for food and drink is not open-ended, you will need to find a way to feed everyone some good food and liquid refreshment without breaking the bank.

The first thing is to dismiss the idea of a sit-down meal. With such catering, you will need to serve more than one course and provide drink at the table – expensive! There will also be a need for waiters and decent table and glassware will have to be sourced. It can also create a formal, stuffy atmosphere that is not ideal if you want your guests to let their hair down and have a good time. The age of guests has to be considered of course – 80-year-old guests will not want to eat and drink standing up. If it is not a formal meal adequate seating should be provided for the older guests.

Buffet dining

This is a cheaper option because you simply put out the food and let the guests help themselves. Keeping costs to a minimum is made much easier because you can make food choices that look and taste great but do not carry a high price tag. This is a good option for an indoor event and is often used for evening wedding receptions. Guests will be happy if you load the table with sandwiches, salads, and small pastries.


If you are having an outdoor event, you can take the idea of buffet-style catering to another level, especially if you have a lot of guests and not a lot of funds. Why not consider a BBQ? This keeps things less formal, although the style does not have to be the same as your typical Sunday afternoon BBQ at home. It can be unique, with meats that are a little out of the ordinary, finished with marinades and spices that add a special touch. With a professional BBQ expert at the helm, you do not have to worry about the meat being burned on the outside and raw on the inside, which is a common complaint heard at many home BBQs!

If the food budget is somewhat restricted, a hog roast roasted on a La Caja China Box is also a great way to feed a substantial number of guests. This option has rustic charm, and you would be surprised by just how many people you can cater for in this way.