Keeping costs down on your wedding day

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Keeping costs down on your wedding day

If the budget for your wedding is a little tight, there are a few areas of catering where you can consider changes in order to save some money. 

The first tip is to consider the cost of drinks. Why pay out for expensive champagne?  There is no need when there are plenty of Proseccos that are good quality and will do the job just as well. These are far cheaper and they taste quite good. In all fairness, most of your guests will not be able to tell the difference.

Make sure you are choosing seasonal produce for your catering. If you want things that are out of season, you can expect the cost to go up substantially. Your caterer will be able to advise on this, so make sure that you ask if there are cheaper options.  

It is also more affordable to have buffet-style catering rather than a sit-down meal, but many people do not maximise this because they add on so many extras that they do not see the benefit. Keep only a few choices on the buffet; you will still feed just as many people, and they will still enjoy it!

Make sure that your caterer knows how many children will be attending the wedding. If there are a few kids, a specific children’s menu can be created for them and this will bring down the cost. Rather than being charged a set fee per head, you will be charged for a specific number of adults and children. 

The classic BBQ or hog roast is quickly becoming a popular option for informal wedding catering. This has a much lower price per person than the traditional sit-down meal, and you will not need as many catering staff. The advantage of the BBQ is that it is simple and the food will appeal to many people.  

Properly catered BBQs and hog roasts are not the same as your family summer BBQ; you get an expert chef who can prepare the food in a very different way. The rustic style of this type of catering means that it is also ideal for those who want a country-style reception, and you get to choose the types of meat that can be prepared. Don’t forget that a BBQ can even cater for vegetarians, so there is no reason for any of your guests to miss out.