The two chefs turned up slightly ahead of time, set up and were ready with the food exactly on time. The food was absolutely brilliant - all our guests were very happy quantity and quality of the BBQ. The guys packed up when everyone had had their fill and left absolutely no trace of having been with us - that's really appreciated. Overall a superb experience and one we'd recommend to anybody.

Melanie - 50th Birthday Party BBQ in Woodcote, Berkshire
September 11, 2015


David, Lamb Roast Buffet: Berkhamsted

June 3, 2013

Because you are South African...

Tania, Christening Lamb Spit Roast Buffet: Little Chalfont , Buckinghamshire

August 31, 2014

Hi George. Thank you we had a wonderful experience the food made it and David did an amazing job ! All our guests were very complimentary about the catering . The... Read more

Sophie, Whole Hog on the Spit Wedding Braai: Longborough, Gloucestershire

September 20, 2014

I wanted to say just how much we enjoyed your food.  It was spectacular. If I had been a better planner, we would have had more space between our reception and ... Read more