Hey George, I just wanted to say thank you so much for arranging and providing the best food for our wedding.


Everyone loved the food and as predicted the Durban banana dish went down a treat.


We had way too much food, but that was no issue because everyone of our guests went home with a delicious doggy bag.


One family left with six boxes of food and they live in Wallingford so I thought that was quite funny, from Ipsden to Wales and back to Wallingford..


We still get compliments about the food now, so clearly even though a few weeks have past it's still something they are all raving about.


The hog roast was delicious and the left overs were fantastic as a midnight feast; the crackling was perfect and I even saw someone take a takeaway box of just crackling home with them.


The lamb curry was also amazing and one of my friends took loads home and was feasting like a king for the next week..


I was so happy the next day when we were clearing and the only thing I had to bin was a tub of salad, so that's not bad going!


The deli boards were great and the team were all brilliant at working with us to make it all work perfectly. Even our more traditional wedding guests thought the mezze eating with your hands was brilliant and everyone loved the variety and selection of foods.


The best feedback from all our guests was about the food and how they enjoyed it. Many said how different it was and what a nice change to have great quality and quantity as most wedding catering can be really limited.


I knew the team and the food would rock and I'm so so happy that everyone loved it!


Thank you so much.


Our day was utterly perfect and so much of that is down to you guys!


All the best and I hope that I'll have a big enough event in the future so I can book you again..


Take care,


Angéline x

Ange - Wedding Street Food BBQ Festival in Glamorgan, South Wales
November 2, 2016


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