Veggie Food

Pulled King Oyster Mushrooms
Charring some peppers for our charred pepper salad
Veggie Skewers with Chimmichuri
BBQ Cauliflower
Vegan feast
GRILLED VEGGIE SKEWERS with chimichurri sauce
Vegan BBQ
Charred Veggies
Veggie delights
Veggie delights
Veggie delights
Sweet Potato Tandoori Tikka Masala Curry with Spinach (VEGAN)
Veggie Pizzas
Mini Veggie Empanadas with Chimmichurri Dipper
Malay-Grilled Aubergine with Ketjap Manis, Lime and Spring Onion
Veggie Alternative - Roasted Sweet Peppers stuffed with Quinoa & Feta
Mixed Veggie Skewers with Halloumi from the BBQ
Corn on the Cob on the BBQ
Wedding Reception Catering Canapes Asparagus from the BBQ