Nyama Braai Menu's: So whats NEW in '14?

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Nyama Braai Menu's: So whats NEW in '14?

Although we don’t like to mess with a good thing and try to keep the basics (that has kept our customers coming back for more) the same, we do like to add a little bit of new-ness every year. Just to keep it exciting. So this year we are adding the following to the old Nyama Favourites:


  • We have a brand new Sweet Mustard Sauce that we'll be adding to our Hog Roasts. MAN YOU SHOULD TRY THIS! Once you've had your Hog Bap with this sauce you will NOT have it any other way again.

  • Another sauce we are trying out this year is the famous South African Monkey Gland sauce. A Sweet and Slightly spicy sauce that just goes beautifully with our 100% Beef Burgers. 

  • We've also developed our very own Salad Dressing which we are now serving with our Sundried Surprise Mixed Leaf Salad. Please let us know your thoughts on this one.

  • To accommodate even more dietary requirements at Nyama we have now set up a South Asian Flavoured Halal Braai Menu. 

  • Other new additions includes: The Greek Yiros (Whole Lamb Spit served in Pitas with Minty-Yoghurty sauce); The Wood Fired Spit Roast (Whole Lamb or Hog BBQ'd over flames); Whole Spit Roasted Venison (Red and Roe Deer sourced locally); American Style Bar-B-Que's (Country Western Style BBQ Menu); Latin American Style Asado.