Jam Jar Cocktails - Get Creative with Your Party Drinks

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Jam Jar Cocktails - Get Creative with Your Party Drinks

If you are hosting a special occasion, you need to think about more than just what type of food to serve. You also need to consider what you are going to give your guests to drink, and this can provide an opportunity for you to be a bit creative. Anyone can head to the supermarket and pick up a lot of beer and wine, but you want your party to be a talking point and one that people will remember for a long time to come. Why not consider jam jar cocktails?

What exactly are jam jar cocktails? The name is fairly self-explanatory. They are cocktails that are served in jam jars! This is an unusual approach and one that has started to become very popular. The range of drinks that you can offer this way is far more exciting than your standard bar options and it can really liven up your event. The cocktails can be served chilled, and they are perfect for that summer event when everyone needs to cool down.

Consider serving cocktails with names like “The Forbidden Fruit Jar” or the “Serengeti Swirl”.  A range of fruit juices and alcoholic drinks can be blended to create new cocktails that will go down a treat with your friends and family as they relax at your party, and the bright colours that you can create will help to give your event that summery feel. 

Why use jam jars? Well, why not? Jam jars are an unusual feature that your guests are likely to appreciate because they have a larger capacity than a wine glass.

If you are having your event catered, you can arrange for a jam jar cocktail bar along with the BBQ or hog roast food service. There are a number of advantages to having one catering company arrange everything. You only get one bill, and everything can be tailored to your requirements. The drinks can also be designed to match the food that is being served, and you can often get a great deal on the cost.   

Jam jar cocktails are a growing trend that you will even find in some of the top bars and clubs. Right now, they are not the most obvious option for events such as weddings and birthdays, so why not take this opportunity to stand out from the crowd?