Book us and help save the earth!

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Book us and help save the earth!

At Nyama we DO give a damn about the eco-issues. Being privileged enough to have been brought up in one of the most beautiful parts of the world (SA off course) has certainly given us loads of respect for the environment and an urge to preserve the beauty of this world we live in. 

So we're doing our bit:

We source produce locally wherever possible
Our BBQ Meat is ALWAYS Free Range and local
Upon request we're happy to also supply organic
We have our own Compost Bin, compost is produced from kitchen waste which in turn is used in our herb garden
We recycle roughly 70% of our waste produced
Using Bio Degradable Disposables and reusable serving platters & utensils

Not bad for a start hey! We're always looking for ways to improve systems in order to reduce wastage and our ecological footprint.So why not do YOUR bit and choose Nyama as your Eco-Friendly AND Super Tasty BBQ Catering Solution!