Choosing a Dry or Wet Bar at my Wedding

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Choosing a Dry or Wet Bar at my Wedding

Your wedding reception may be the biggest party that you ever throw, so you’ll want to make sure that it goes swimmingly. Part of this means making sure that there’s a lively bar with lots of choice for your guests – but who’s going to pay for it? Should it be you, the attendees? Is it best to compromise and settle on a combination of the two? Fortunately, if you choose an experienced caterer like Nyama Catering, all the possible solutions are covered. 

Let’s be honest: everybody appreciates a free bar. If you decide to pay for everything, your guests will love you for it, and they’ll soon be in high spirits. A few, however, may then drink more than they usually would simply because it’s free, potentially leading to mischief. Choose a company such as Nyama Catering with experienced bartenders who will ensure that everybody has a good time without going too far.

If you invited a lot of guests, paying for a free bar could strain your finances. Fortunately, Nyama offers a range of packages to suit your budget. Put a fixed amount behind the bar and relax because there won’t be eyebrow-raising bar tabs to pay the next day. If you want more drinks to be available after that money runs out, you can arrange for it to switch to a dry bar where guests pay for any extra themselves. Alternatively, you can run a dry bar from the outset – lots of wedding receptions do this, so guests don’t usually assume that everything will be free. 

Nyama Catering’s cocktail bars are a vibrant twist on a core component in any wedding reception. The range of delicious, brightly coloured drinks on offer means that there’s something to appeal to everyone, including non-alcoholic drinks for those who prefer them.

Lively bars are a great way to get your guests into the mood for a long night of celebrations, dancing and fun. Work closely with you caterer to choose the best option for your reception, and let the drinks flow.