The Popularity of BBQ Style Wedding Catering

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The Popularity of BBQ Style Wedding Catering

Everybody is looking for something a little different for their wedding day. The traditional three-course, sit-down dinner is not always the most popular option these days. For some people, it has a very formal feel to it. If you would prefer a more relaxed gathering, a BBQ has that informal air that might just suit you. 

One of the plus points to having a BBQ or hog roast for your wedding breakfast is that it can easily fit into the budget. In most cases, it can actually save a great deal of money, especially if you are expecting a larger gathering. The food is tasty and it offers a slightly offbeat approach that your guests will remember for some time. 

Having a BBQ or hog roast has been steadily growing in popularity as a catering option for the evening reception, and an increasing number of weddings are choosing to have this for the main meal. With the range of sides that you can offer, the variety of foods on the menu will still be as good as any other type of wedding menu. Baked or boiled potatoes, plenty of vegetables, or even rice and pasta can easily be added to the menu.  

It is not just the cost savings that are attractive about a BBQ. Rustic, country, and vintage-style weddings are also looking to lose the formality of a three-course meal, and switching to BBQ catering provides the perfect answer. This type of catering is reminiscent of country fairs and it is particularly popular with grooms because they feel that it is something that they can really get involved in on the day of the event. BBQs are traditionally seen as the chance for men to do the cooking, and they will feel that this is a more masculine choice than the delicate haute cuisine that you get at more traditional weddings

However, there are few things that need to be taken into consideration: Add in a vegetable option for vegetarians and vegans. Providing plenty of condiments allows all the guests to flavour the food to their own taste, and this can be a decorative table option if done correctly. Talking with the catering company about setting out the food and decoration can keep queues to a minimum and add a personal touch to the experience. Having the BBQ and the sides in different places will make sure that nobody has to wait in line for too long.