The food was amazing!!  Nyama did an amazing job.  Some people were a little hesitant at the idea of a lamb spit versus hog roast but this was very short lived.  Most of everyone went back for 3rds!! It was delicious.  Brendan (I think) was very kind in dishing up take away boxes with the few leftovers which we were very grateful for.  And I was the lucky one who managed to take the last box of meat home and enjoyed it for Saturday lunch.  In addition to this my stepfather is a very well-known sheep farmer in South Africa.  We are very fortunate to know our lamb at very good quality.  I am certain he, even the biggest critic, would have approved the food with 5 stars!  It certainly gave me the taste of home.   No-one left there hungry.

Andrew, Corporate Party Lamb Spit Roast Buffet: South Carriage Drive, London
September 12, 2014


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