Wedding Venues that allows outside catering

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Let us help you find a Dry Hire Venue that allows outside catering. You see at Nyama we know all about Venues that insists on you using their in-house catering etc. WHY are they doing this!? It’s so frustrating! Well, this is how they make most of their money off course (Cheap Venue Hire & Expensive per head Catering Costs), and although there’s nothing wrong with being profitable it just takes away choice from the client who might rather like to have something exciting, fun-yet-professional and super tasty to eat on their special day. (Hint-Hint)

We have an extensive list of Dry Hire Venues all over the South East of England (all of whom we’ve catered at before) that does not push their own catering down your throat (pardon the pun!). Our list contains different styled Wedding / Event Venues: Barns, Open Fields (for Marquees or Tipi Tent set ups), Village Halls, Farms, Manor Houses, Sport Clubs etc. The main counties that features on our list includes Berkshire (33+ Dry Hire venues), Buckinghamshire (21+ Dry Hire Venues), Hampshire (13+ Dry Hire Venues), Hertfordshire (9+ Dry Hire Venues), Kent (8+ Dry Hire Venues), London (20 + Dry Hire Venues), Oxfordshire (40 + Dry Hire Venues), Surrey (23+ Dry Hire Venues), West Sussex (9+ Dry Hire Venues). There's also some Dry Hire Venues in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Sussex, Warwickshire, Wiltshire.

This list was previously shared at no cost, with potential clients, but we have recently started to really put some effort and time into keeping this list up to date and current. We also feel that its an invaluable list that will almost certainly help you with your search for a blank canvas wedding / event and have therefore put a monetary value of a measly £10 on it. If you are therefore interested in purchasing this list you can do so via the link below, which will take you through to a PayPal portal.

Of course, if you end up making use of Nyama's Catering / Mobile services at one of the listed Dry Hire Venues, we will happily refund your £10!

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