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Templars Barn

Great Shefford, Hungerford RG17 7AH
07885 228824

Landowner Charles Perry rebuilt Templars Barn in 1998. The barn was originally used for threshing corn where the process of loosening the edible part of the grain from the stalks would happen. The entire barn is 7 bays long with wooden pegs in each of the bays, typical to the structure of thrashing barns. On the roof, you will see a shade of pink because it reminded Mr Perry of the family holidays in the south of France.


To the west of the barn, Mr Perry planted 180 trees in the meadow. This was because he wanted to replace the wood that was used in the restorative process. The property also comes with ample parking and a paddock for outdoor drinks and activities.


Templars is still a working farm today so perfect for a rustic yet elegant special occasion!