What's on the Braai?

Please find a list of our most popular menu's below. Click on the icon to view the menu in full including pricing options. At the bottom of each menu page you will find a Quote Request link which you can follow to obtain a formal Quote. 

Spit, BBQ and Braai Menu's

Basic Lamb on the Spit - Lamb and Potatoes with Yoghurty Minty Sauce  

Basic Hog Roast - Includes Ciabatta Baps, Stuffing and Condiments  

Hog Roast Buffet - Basics plus Side dishes  

Lamb Spit Roast Buffet - Basics plus Side Dishes  

  The British Braai Buffet - Good Variety at Great Value  

The African Mixed Grill Braai - Something slightly different  

The Mega Spit and Braai Buffet - Why not just have it all  

Corporate Braai Menu 

Sticky Finger Buffet Braai - Perfect for those Informal Corporate get-togethers  

Wedding Menu 

The Nyama Reception Buffet - Create lasting memories 

Speciality Braai Menus 

Includes - South Asian Halal, Greek Style Lamb Spit, Woodfired Spit Roasts, Whole Spit Roasted English Venison, American Bar-B-Que's, Latin American Asado's and even Thai Themed BBQ's 

The Extras

Braai Nibbles - Nyama's unique version of Canape's  

Desserts - Don't view on an empty stomach