Catering Brochure 2017

Posted: 7 Months ago
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Catering Brochure 2017

Proud to introduce our 2017 Catering Brochure. Please note that all info inside the brochure is reflected on this website as well. The brochure is just for those who love browsing in "book-style". Menus included in our brochure: Our Fun-off-the-BBQ Nibbles; Budget-Friendly BBQ Menus; Slow Spit Roasted Menus; Themed BBQ Menus; BBQ Style Street Food; Wedding & Posh BBQ Menus; Wood-Fired Pizza; Nyama Deli Boards; Finger Buffets; Christmas Menu; Veggie Alternatives; Cheese & Fruit Otpions; Ice Cream Bar; Dessert Sharing Platters & some Mobile Bar Ideas. Be sure to click on the brochure below to view in FULL SCREEN. Enjoy!

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Unit 2/2A, Icknield Farm
Ipsden, Oxfordshire
OX10 6AS

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01491 873 560 (8am - 5pm)
0777 613 7918 (After Hours)
0772 718 9175 (Emergency)